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Full scale of ADC

Question asked by s.kannan on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by sripad

In ad9364 , it is mentioned that the maximum input that the receiver ADC can take is 0.625V. I tried custom gain table, with LMT gain only varying(-3dB to 47dB) and the FIR gain, digital gains are at 0dB. I disabled the low power threshold measurement and ensured that the other than LMT threshold detector, nothing will change the gain index in slow attack mode. I set the LMT upper threshold at 500mV and still I'm seeing some clipping in output waveform(in full swing 2048 to -2048).

ADC detector setup:

Sample size: 4

Upper threshold : 255

lower threshold : 250

Power measurement setup:

Outer High threshold: 5   decrement steps:0

inner high threshold: 10 decrement steps:0

inner low threshold: 18 increase steps:0

outer low threshold: 18 increase steps: 0

for example, If I'm getting a signal with swing +2000 to -2000, then what is my input swing to ADC(Since after ADC nothing will amplify my signal)