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ADSP-21489 does not connect through JTAG

Question asked by hms on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by hms

Hi everybody!
I have a few (namely 9) boards of the same custom design with ADSP-21489. All the boards except one work properly
when I connect to them with Visual DSP IDE trough a JTAG HP USB Emulator attached to the board. That wrong board does not connect with these messages on IDE screen:
- JTAG scan failed-Check target power and emulator connection. DSP could not generate emulator interrupt (Console window);
- Core access to SPORT/LINK and an external bus is hung at PC:0x6bc714 (pop-up window).
I checked the voltage on all the supply and ground pins of the DSP and they are OK.
I'm not an experienced JTAG user so I would be glad if anybody helped me.