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Question about ADIS16209

Question asked by Kazu on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by NevadaMark

Hi All,


ADIS16209 does not work well. The output data does not change when the ADIS is vibrated.

The SPI clock is set to 625kHz, the SMPL_PRD (0x36) is set to its default value (0x0014) and the AVG_CNT

is also set to its default value (0x0008). The DIO1 is set to as a data update trigger and it falls low level

every 25 msec. (0x04 @ 0x34) All setting value seem to be written successfully but read data does not change.

When the output data is updated? (When shoud I read the output data?) Currently I read the data after the DIO1

goes low level.

I also have attached initial setting and reading program. The reading program is run after the DIO1 goes low level.