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Question asked by Kabasakal on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Kabasakal

I'm facing a problem with 
ADUM5402ARWZ#1315 2588140.1 and
ADUM5402ARWZ#1535  3226040.1
ICs. When my board started to work, after a while board heatining up, this isolation IC start to shift my SPI data. But when have use:
ADUM5402ARWZ#1323 2638558.1 series, everthing works perfectly no matter how hot is the board or the time passed. 
Can you enlighten me about the difference of two codes of same IC?Is it lot, or different silicon.
Additionaly, do you know where can I buy the 
ADUM5402ARWZ#1323 2638558.1 coded IC?

Lastly, do you know any compatible IC with Adum5402 ?