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AD9371 Custom ARM Image and AGC

Question asked by gavolbs on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by gavolbs

Do Analog Devices have any plans to release details to allow development of custom binary images for the AD9371 embedded ARM processor?
If not, why?

Is there any path to getting customised ARM code developed?

Is the source code for the ARM processor available in any form?


The reason for the question is that the update via SPI for AGC related information is slower than we requires for our application. Custom code would allow us to move the time critical operations to be handled by the embedded processor and remove the SPI overhead.


It is also possible to get fast AGC related data on the GPIO pins but the choice is limited by the multiplexer options.

The mux options which might be suitable are Monitor Index 0x09 – Rx1 full gain index,  0x0A – Rx2 full gain index or 0x0C – Rx1 & Rx2 gain index LS 4 bits. Mux option 0x0C gives data for both channels but the gain table size will be restricted to 32 or 64 entries (16 gain steps plus one or two external LNA control bits).