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AD7761 Pin control

Question asked by EngJunkie on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by NiallM

Hey everyone,


I might be a little lost on the control of this chip. I plan on using it in pin control mode and standard conversion. Although the datasheet doesn't seem to mention how to actually start the standard conversion and stop it(I might have misread something) ? It does mention for one shot mode but I can't seem to see it for standard.


Also does the pins need to be set in some fashion, i.e certain pins following each other for instance first the mode than the filter, etc? If I know prior to operation that I'm for instance using a specific filter mode and decimation rate, can I connect these pins directly to the ground and vdd to eliminate unnecessary connections to the mcu? Leaving only the pins like start,etc connected to the mcu then.


Thanks in advance for any help!