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Capture data from AD9249 via EVALDZ using MATLAB

Question asked by SMSow on Dec 6, 2017
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I'm currently try to develop a Matlab script to capture multiple channel data (at least 4 channels) simultanously from AD9249 via HSC-ADC-EVALDZ. I started with MatlabSampleAD9249.m and it works well to capature data from channel A1.

%Read back channel A1.
board.FpgaSpiWrite(uint16(hex2dec('02')), uint16(hex2dec('00')))
dataA1 = board.CaptureFifoWords(int32(mynumWords), int16(0));


However, to read the data from C1, I changed the channel number from '00' to '02' for the 'board.FpgaSpiWrite' function; but it still reading the A1 data.

%Read back channel C1.
board.FpgaSpiWrite(uint16(hex2dec('02')), uint16(hex2dec('02')))
dataC1 = board.CaptureFifoWords(int32(numWords), int16(0));


Did I miss out anything? Please help. Thanks!