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AD7710 control register problem (AD stops working after writing on it)

Question asked by Visioner on Nov 14, 2011
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I need some help from experts!


I'm using AD7710 for thermocouple application and experiencing technical difficulties.


After power up the IC works in normal mode regarding to the datasheet "0x00" config and with the PIC18F2620 able to read correct value from channel 1. When I try to config via the control register like: 24 bit mode, unipolar settings, selecting channel 2 or starting a calibration the AD stops working. The data will be read as "0"  in bipolar mode "mid" value free from the differential voltage. Reading from the control register will give back the same values what has been sent before. After writing command for work in 24 bit mode the result from reading data register by using DRDY received data will be 24 bit length, so it's accepts the configuration settings but gives back 0 values. I was searching over days to find a solution without result! I tried to use SYNC to reset the digital filter but nothing better.


Please help!


(I'm now writing my thesis, don't have much time )