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ADF4107 Genrating only single Frequency

Question asked by das@1059 on Dec 5, 2017
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      I'm using ADF4107 for generating 6.9GHz and 7 GHz but right now geting only  7 GHz frequency whenever i try generate different frequency it generate 6.25 GHz frequency. For programming i'm using CE pin method and design Loop filter using ADIsimpll software.regarding programming Maximum and Minimum delay that can apply between two latchs?  Here value of register and Voltage supply.


VP: 5V

PFD : 1 MHz

Loop B.W: 100KHz

For 7GHZ:

Funcation Latch: 9F80CA (Hex)

R latch : DA61

N latch: 28


For 6.9GHz

F latch: 9F80CA

R latch: D751

N latch: 28


Thank you