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Blackfin uClinux 2011R1-RC1 bringup on TLL657M platform updates

Question asked by Ashish on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2011 by Aaronwu

Dear Blackfin uClinux maintainers,


We're committed to support our ADSP-BF527 powered TLL6527M platform with the Blackfin uClinux distribution. I would like to share update summary on our progress so far.


-> RTC - fine

-> GPIO access - fine

-> Timers - char nodes instantiate fine but show busy while opening the the devices nodes

We'll describe the issue in details in a separate thread


-> ADI accelerometer ADXL345 -fine

-> ADI power monitor ADM1192 -fine

-> ADI temperature sensor ADT75 - fine

-> ADI captouch controller AD7147 - fine

-> ADI Touch screen controller AD7879 - fine

-> ADI GPIO Expander ADP5588 - fine

-> ADI Audio CODEC SSM2602 (tested with ALSA, amixer, arecord, aplay, vrec, vplay, mp3player, ran into issue with mixer posted separately) - fine  


-> spi_dev - fine

-> 8GB sdcard over mmc_spi - fine

-> Ethernet : using ftp and telnet console - fine

-> USB host mode: Pendrives, webcam QVGA mode - fine

-> fb using SHARP LQ035Q1 display (same as ADI LCD extender) -fine

Although the video_test runs fine and images get displayed, we see a lot of error messages. We'll describe the issue in details in a separate thread


-> jffs2 : Faced issue compiling mtd-utlis and jffs2, missing header file uuid.h, we've posted this separately, follow up on suggestions and report back


USB Webcam VGA image capture fails: -

Then there is the outstanding issue of capturing images of resolution greater than QVGA using logitech USB webcams, documented here ( This issue has been persisting from 2010R1 and we see the same behaviour on 2011R1. During your 2011R1-RC1 testing and validation, are there any plans to test the USB webcam image capture at resolutions higher than QVGA?


Best regards,

Ashish Gupta

The Learning Labs