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AD7616 SP601 integration

Question asked by fpgadude2017 on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by jcolao

I am interfacing to AD7616 via UG-1012 on an Spartan SP601 dev board.  I have configured my S6 to output a CONVST signal of 0.36usec and I am reading the result in Saleae software.  However no matter what timing I use for the CONVST pin I cannot get the AD7616 to register a conversion (BUSY pin being monitored).

I am using Ch V0A


I have the UG-1012 configured in HW mode using board voltages etc it is configured as follows:

LK38   -   Position B (External Reference Selected)   

LK39   -   Not Inserted

LK40   -   Position A 

LK41   -   Position A

LK1     -   Removed

LK17   -   Removed

LK33, 35   -   Position C

LK36   -   Position B

LK37   -   Position C


Please can anyone help with the configuration / operation of the device in standalone hardware mode.

Kind regards