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ADV7623 vs Polycom Trio 8800. Sleep does not work

Question asked by torbenmp on Dec 4, 2017
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ADV7623 evaluation board running factory settings connected to a Polycom Trio 8000 Visual+ wrongfully detects a signal from the Polycom, even when polycom is in standby mode.

Other devices (such as monitors) does not do this when connected to Polycom. Other devices will display "no signal" and afterwards go into sleep when the Polycom enters standby mode.


The ADV7623 evaluation board detects a TMDS signal from the Polycom when Polycom is in standby mode.

This is what keeps ADV awake, however other devices connected directly to Polycom are not kept awake by this.

If I put a HDMI splitter between polycom and Evaluation board, it solves the issue. 


Please see attached drawing. 


What can cause this and how to fix?


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