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What is the current noise of the AD8630 at 1kHz

Question asked by JBSaarloos on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by ARoxas

The current noise spec is 5fA per root Hz at 10Hz and I can't find any information for higher frequencies.


The application is a wide band magnetic sensor with with a frequency range between 0.001Hz and 10kHz.  The ideal amplifier would have no 1/F noise, low voltage noise, and very low wide band current noise. The source is inductive so the current noise is only a critical parameter at higher frequencies. 


The combination of low voltage noise, no 1/F noise, and <20fA wideband current noise seems to be unobtainium with current technology. So I am assuming there is significantly more than 5fA per root Hz of current noise at higher frequencies. But I figured it couldn't hurt to ask before I attempt to measure it.