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IQ imbalance and DC offset

Question asked by s.kannan on Dec 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by mhennerich

While running FM waveform in my picozed sdr 1x1 with osc application, I'm seeing DC offset and IQ imbalance eventhough I enabled the quadrature tracking and DC offset calibration.

If I tried to correct it by using the profiles through shell script: 

echo tx_quad 14 > calib_mode 

for profile 11 I see minimum imbalance in one time but for the next time(with same setup) I'm witnessing different imbalance, which is not consistent.

I want to know how many profiles are there? Even If I put echo tx_quad 133 > calib_mode, its accepting.

How can I get consistent performance?

Is there any ways of creating my own profiles?