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How much time & cost to add Ethernet/IP with FIDO5xxx?

Question asked by RayZ on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by DET_CStelmar

I have a design for a controller for a simple industrial device that is either ON/OFF via an I/O pin or proportional control via RS-485, generally connected to the customer's PLC. The device is currently controlled by an ARM Cortex M4F. My boss has asked me what it would take to add an Ethernet/IP interface.

I have pretty extensive experience with the ADI Blackfin BF536 and BF537 with a variety of LwIP Ethernet implementations, but I have no experience with Ethernet/IP. So my questions to you are:

  1. For a fairly simple device such as this, do I need something like your RapID Platform?
  2. If yes, what is the cost to implement it?
    1. Recurring hardware cost estimate, quantity 100-500 units/yr?
    2. Recurring software cost estimate (licensing fees?)
    3. Development costs?

If this is not the right place to ask, please direct me to an appropriate resource!