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"I2S mode 4" of ADV7511

Question asked by Hodaka on Nov 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by mattp

In ADV7511, there are the following registers.


Address : 0x0C bit7
Register: Audio Sampling Frequency Select"
  Select source of audio sampling frequency for pixel repeat and I2S mode 4
    0 = use sampling frequency from I2S stream
    1 = use sampling frequency from I2C register


Address : 0x0C bit6
Register: Channel Status Override
  Source of channel status bits when using I2S mode 4
    0 = use channel status bits from I2S stream
    1 = use channel status bits from I2C registers


Each register is used when "I2S mode 4"


I want to know about "I2S mode 4".
Please answer the following questions.


Q1. "I2S mode 4" is "AES3 direct mode" ?
Q2. "I2S mode 4" is equal to the mode of "I2S Format" register ?
  Address : 0x0C bit1,0
  Register: I2S Format
    00 = Standard I2S mode
    01 = right justified mode
    10 = left justified mode
    11 = AES3 direct mode
Q3. What is "I2S mode 4" ?


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