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ADXL345 use ARM DSP library IEEE754-2008 for motion estimation with FPU DSP processing or not?

Question asked by Maurizio_IT on Dec 1, 2017
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  • Dear Support,
  • I'm using ADXL345 for motion estimation activity, walk, run, stable in a werarable device apply to chest.
  • If I set DATA_FORMAT[D2] bit to left-justified (MSB) what is wrong\true of the following sentence:
  • 1) can I use IEE754 ARM DSP library "q15_t" to read raw 2complements X,Y,Z directly or it is wrong for processing?
  • 2) it is useful to use IEE754 ARM DSP library with Cortex-M4 FPU to process X,Y,Z to calculate orientation, standard deviation as a index of current motion activity of body?
  • 3) If I define q15_t bufferX[], bufferY[]. bufferZ[] to read raw data from FIFO and process 10 seconds of buffers can be a rigth solution or it is better convert the data from raw 2complement to  int16_t type?
  • 4) what is the rigth type to read raw data X,Y,Z among q15_t, q31_t, f32_t?
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