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AD8330 Vdbs<287mV gain always=1?

Question asked by wangzhipan on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by wangzhipan

        hello,these days I was using the AD8330 to enlarge signal,but I found that when Vdbs<287mV,the gain is always equal 1.In the test,I let the Vdbs to be 0v、97mV、192mV、287mV, when Vdbs<287mV,the gain is 1,when the Vdbs=287mV,the gain is 1.5. When I did the test the Vmag is unconnected or to be set 5V.When the voltage large than 287mV,the gain follows this rule gain=10^((Vdbs-0.287)/0.6),it just looks like the voltage range of Vdbs is from 0.287v to 1.5v,not start from 0.

         And when the Vmag is unconnected ,the voltage is 0.7v,not 0.5v.