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AD5410 Not Responding

Question asked by kjones200 on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2017 by kjones200

I have an AD5410 I am trying to communication with.  The Avdd voltage is 12VDC and Dvcc is 3.3VDC.  Dvcc SEL has been grounded even though it isn't shown in the schematic.  


I am simply trying to configure the AD5410 with output enabled and range of 0 - 24ma and read back the configuration; however, there is not response from the AD5410 (AD5410 line always reading zero).  There is a 500ms wait period between the reset command and write config command.  I've tried swapping my the SDO and SDI lines from my microprocessor but no avail.


Please see the attached SPI communication capture and schematic.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.