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How to set ADCMP573 Hysteresis with a DAC

Question asked by Steve.K on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Gauzz

Hi, The ADCMP573 datasheet says “The hysteresis pin could also be driven by a CMOS DAC. It is biased to approximately 250 mV and has an internal series resistance of 600 ?.”

I am trying to work out how to drive the hysteresis pin with a DAC to set the amount of hysteresis.

Does the datasheet mean that normally a voltage is generated across the external resistance at the Hysteresis pin by a resistive divider from 250mV through the internal 600 Ohm and the external resistance?

Does this mean that when driving with a DAC, an equivalent voltage (0-250mV) should be presented by the DAC (from a low impedance) at the hysteresis pin (From figure 20 of datasheet, 250mV ~ 2mV hysteresis, 125mV ~ 20 mV, 0V ~ 50 mV)?