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ADSP-BF561 Schematic Symbols/PPI interface question...

Question asked by mwfortner on Nov 12, 2011
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We are working with a local customer that is planning on using the ADSP-BF561 in an application which will process multiple channels of sensor data.


Within the application, they will utilize 8 AD7622 (parallel) ADCs to convert the post-filtered analog sensor data into something usable by the DSP.  Specifically, the ADCs (8) will interface to a digital mux, which will then connect to the ADSP-BF561 via 1 of the 2 onboard PPI (parallel) interfaces.


They had a few questions that I was hoping you could help me with:



They are looking for CAD/Scematic Symbol files for the following:


BF561SBBZ600 (297 ball PBGA)

BF561SKBCZ-6V (256 ball CSPBGA)


I started looking here:


And found the footprint for the 297 ball:


and for the 256 ball:


But I could not find the schematic symbols (they mentioned .BXL files).


Can we provide a symbol to the customer for these packages?



They wanted to know if in addition to the following AppNote:


If we can provide any other existing examples/AppNotes that address interface multiple ADCs to a Blackfin via PPI.



They asked if there were any suggestions/concerns the factory may have related to this configuration and if you could recommend a specific mux that should be used in this application.


Thanks in advance for your help.