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how to make cyclic false mode waveform the same as cyclic true mode in gnuradio 

Question asked by calvin_kan on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by travisfcollins


  I run a OFDM example on zc706 +ad9361 using gnuradio. And i  run GNUradio + IIO on  Laptop machine remotely connect to zedboard. all blocks setting is default and OFDM flow chart in grc as shown in figure tx_ofdm.grc.png

  When i set the true-cyclic mode ,the waveform is correct.but when i set the false-cyclic mode. most of the time ,the waveform in time domain is noise as shown in figure noise_grc.png,sometimes is correct.

  How can i do to get correct waveform all the time? 

  Thank you !!