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ADV7511 Ref design No-OS setup for ZC706

Question asked by mohsinshafiq87 on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by DragosB

Hi All,

I am trying to run ADV7511 HDL reference design on ZC706.

I have vivado 2016.2 and I am trying to setup No-OS software.

I have downloaded both "hdl-hdl_2016_r2" and "no-OS-2016_R2" from github.


I did not face any issue in creating the project and generating bitstream. 

To setup No-OS software, I followed all the steps mentioned on this link:

ADV7511 Xilinx Evaluation Boards Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki] 


But after all the steps, the build fail with 25 ERRORS:

  • error: sw.elf uses VFP register arguments, PATH\hdl-hdl_2016_r2\projects\adv7511\zc706\adv7511_zc706.sdk\sw\lib\libHDMI_ZynqLib.a(NAME OF FILE.o) does not sw C/C++ Problem
  • failed to merge target specific data of file PATH\hdl-hdl_2016_r2\projects\adv7511\zc706\adv7511_zc706.sdk\sw\lib\libHDMI_ZynqLib.a(NAME OF FILE.o) sw C/C++ Problem
  • make: *** [sw.elf] Error 1 sw C/C++ Problem


I repeated everything to make sure I did not miss a point or made some mistake.

Kindly help me out. How to fix this issue?