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ADM1166 Input Voltage readback via I2C

Question asked by maske.dhananjay on Nov 28, 2017
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I wanted to read the input voltage on VP-AUX1 pins via I2C. I came across the below formula to calculate the voltage on the pins 


V = (ADCCode / 4096)
× Attenuation Factor × VREFIN


I was wondering what is the adc code here? Is the ADC values from the below registers ADC Value registers from Table 17.


VP1 0xA0    ADCHVP1    7:4 N/ANot used if 0x82[2] (average) = 0.
                                         0-3 OUT3 to OUT0
                                        R/W 4 MSBs of 12-bit result of ADC conversions on VP1 when 0x82[2] (average) = 0.
                                        7-0 OUT7 to OUT0

I am reading the values from this and trying to calculate but the calculated voltage appears to be wrong.


Please help.