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Question asked by xzsawq21 on Nov 28, 2017
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I want to use AD9744 LFCSP package to generate a high quality signals with 90dB SFDR upto 10MHz, beyond it the SFDR should not be too bad.(around 50 to 60 dB)


in Figure 49 and Fig 50  in the datasheet why they have used 100 Ohm termination at the input of the DAC?

it means I should send the digital data to the DAC in LVDS mode? or deferentially? not CMOS?

can I use the DAC with LFCSP package and Parallel digital input data and Differential input clock?


another question is: DB13X pin doesn't have a 100 Ohm resistor but DB5X has two 100 Ohm resistor as you see below:


I'd really be grateful if you could answer me as fast as you can


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