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ADP5080 Gerber file and some questions about spec

Question asked by henry-tang on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Leo_Liu

Hi ADI Expert,


Can you please kindly share the gerber file of ADP5080 to me? Thanks!!


And I have some questions about ADP5080's spec, can you please kindly help to answer my questions as below :


1. CLKO is the internal switching clock used for Channel 1,

    What's the function of this pin usually be used for? Can we provide this frequency to another device ?


2. EN pin's maximum VIH (EN) is 2.15V, can I control this enable pin if my controller I2C interface is 1.8V IO voltage domain? And why EN34 pin's maximum VIH (EN) is different from EN pin?

3. How would you suggest us to set's Charge Pump output voltage for best efficiency if only use for driving FETs?


4. Do we have tool to simulate if we all use 2.2uH conductor at output side?

5. Can we disable LDO1 & LDO2? If yes, how's the Iq when LDO1/LDO2 are both disable and EN is low?


6. Can we use Channel 7 LDO with 10V/35mA if I adjust current limit higher?


Look forward to your kindly feedback!


Henry Tang