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AD9361 1R 1T configuratin through Linux

Question asked by on Nov 27, 2017
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Hi all ,


 I am using  ZED Board + Fmcomms2 as my development platform. Zed board boot through SD card, which has a bootable linux (peta linux 2016.4) running on it. I can change basic parameters such as frequency, bandwidth etc through serial port. Required configuration for my development is

sampling freq = 30.72 MHz, 1R-1T mode, tx/rx frame in pulse mode, bandwidth = 25 MHz


1. When data samples are pushed from Zed board through custom code running in FPGA, I observe o/p spectrum ( corruputed sepctrum occupying 30.72 Mhz, because my data interface is written for 1R 1T mode) in both TX1 and TX2 channels. When I measure DATA_CLK on fmscomms2 board it gives a frequency of 122.88 MHz.


Even after setting echo 0 > adi, 2rx-2tx-mode_enable , there is no change in the above mentioned observations.


2.  Spectrum is visible only if I keep TX_FRAME high through out the burst. If I toggle as per pulse mode spectrum appears as if I am pushing a single tone.


I am new bee to linux platform, kindly guide me in properly configuring AD9361.


Thanks in advance,