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How to get Simulink to work with Libiio ?

Question asked by Samer-Alshaer on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by travisfcollins
I am running into issues experimenting with the FMCOMMS3 board on the Zeboard. 
I am trying to execute the HIL QPSK baseband example in the link below that enables streaming data in/out to/from the board using Matlab and the Libiio library. 
The Simulink model would run and build without any issues. However, after few seconds the Matlab simulation would freeze and I have to terminate the program. Also for the time the simulation runs the constellation symbols are unstable.
Some things I tried:
- Changing the compiler: I experimented with MinGW, windows SDK 7.1, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 compilers. All gave the same the result.
- Execute the model on two different PCs: I tried using two different PCs using the same setup and following the same steps but I got the same results .
- Re-installing Libiio again on the linux image: I followed the "Building on the Linux Host Target“ guide under but it didn’t help.
Some System Information:
Matlab version: 2017a 
OS: Windows 10
Linux image: 29 june 2017 release following the guide under 
Part of the process to run the model, I setup a stable connection between the linux system and the host pc. After that i installed libiio exe installer from:, v0.11. I downloaded the system object files from, and the example models from: .
Any help getting the model to work or reasons why it might freeze would be appreciated.