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ADF4108 :: 20 MHz sinewave as REF input?

Question asked by JTORRES on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by JTORRES

Hi there,


I am involved in a new design and we decided to use ADF4108 as PLL frequency syntetizer.

My question is about conecting a pure sinewave signal to the REFin input, I took a look to the ADF4108 evaluation board and it offers the possiblity to conect three different clock options (TCXO...)  or use the external input but we do not know if it is possible to input a sinewave from a signal generator or we need to use a sinewave to LVCMOS converter such as the LTC6957-3 from Linear Technologies (If valid).


Any help would be appreciated.