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AD9361 driver inside single board computer

Question asked by Armen181 on Nov 24, 2017
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I have single board computer "Orange PI One", ZedBoard and FMCOMMS3. ZedBoard and FMCOMMS3 works normally with native Linux image for Xilinx. I have connected Orange Pi SPI, GPIO to ZedBoard FA1 Header.  I have developed FPGA program which only repeats signals from FA1 Header to  FMCOMMS3 SPI and resetb pins and also I am repeating all signal to FB1 Header for connecting to logic analyzer. I am using only FPGA on the Zynq as I am only passing trough, ARM inside ZYNQ is not used. Now I am configuring AD9361 from Orange Pi via like Console_Commands. I start with No-OS driver and use Makefile.linux for compiling.


Bellow are the list of the errors and issues that I am facing:


1. I could't find include file "matio.h" in "no-OS/ad9361/sw/platform_linux/filter.c"I decided to delete "filter.c", "filter.h" and text "LIBS = -lmatio" inside make file.

2. I don't understand what DMA_UIO need to configure AD9361. I deleted that flag "-DDMA_UIO" for escaping any errors.

3. I'm still not sure but I have added flag which disabled AXI_ADC "-DAXI_ADC_NOT_PRESENT".

4. I have changed SPI speed to 1MHz inside this file "no-OS/ad9361/sw/platform_linux/platform.c" for getting more stability when I use wires.


After these 4 steps, I have compiled make file with success. But when I run program, I am getting errors which are related with SPI and GPIO initialization.


I have configured SPI and GPIO inside  "no-OS/ad9361/sw/platform_linux/parameters.h" file, recompile it, after that I saw resetb and SPI signals from Orange pi. AD9361 answered to SPI commands but I received "Write Error -1", which is related to SPI communication, then "ad9361_init : AD936x initialization error".


I will appreciate if any one can help me to solve this issues.


P.S. In this project we developing transceiver where will be FPGA and seperate ARM processor, ARM will be used for configuring and setting up AD9361, that is why now we do a development of the code using described method.Also I am attaching setup picture, logic analyzer output and error messages.