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AD8436: several questions about deployment

Question asked by EVC on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by EVC

I have read the data sheet and AN 1341 but still have some questions: 



1- Data sheet graphs suggest one can use this IC with up to 1Vrms (with 4.8V single supply) but performance data is specified for 300mVrms. I assume this is the input voltage level it is fully characterized. So my question is if I use with a different (higher) input voltage level, what is the impact over the performance, if any?


2- I want to use it to monitor a current source operating at 125kHz (the IC will be preceeded by a conditioning circuit). The output will feed a control circuit that will disable the current source output should output current exceed a limit. I understand it is usable at this frequency. However it is not clear to me how much is the error at this frequency (preferably with 5V single supply or +/-5V otherwise).


3- From the formulae I learned 3.3nF for CAVG would do fine for 125kHz. I understand CCF should be 1nF to comply with the requirement the second pole frequency to be at least three times as set by CAVG. Is that right?


4- C0G is OK for these capacitors?


5- I would like to use OBUF with 5V, single supply. The data sheet specifies performance for +/-5V. Is it useable with single supply? Output apparently is rail-to-rail but no information is provided about input range.


Thank you very much in advance for the support.