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Question asked by 涂玉山 on Nov 23, 2017
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Is there any solution or user guide file about ADV7612 EQUALIZER GAIN Setting?

Background: we use ADV7612 to received DVI signal (1080p@60Hz), and use two type DVI-I(24+5). One of them can receive the signal and display it in the screen, and another couldn't work. So we add a equalizer IC PI3HDMI412-A with ADV7612, the DVI signal can display in the screen normally.  Check with this solution, the unnormal display DVI wire can't display as  the EQUALIZER GAIN setting is not so good for our application(we use default setting  0X8D=0x04&0x8e=0x1e, 0x90=0x04&0x91=0x1e,0x93&0x94). But there's noting about how to setting about  EQUALIZER GAIN register(HDMI MAP Register:0X8D&0x8e, 0x90&0x91,0x93&0x94).