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HDMI Volume Overlay from A/V Receiver w/o HDMI

Question asked by anologue_divide on Nov 21, 2017
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I am interested in displaying volume OSD via HDMI overlay. I want to get it working 1080p/60hz. I have an A/V receiver, and I want to display the volume bar OSD (I cannot read the display), possibly with db rating (no hdmi on the receiver), after every time I hit my IR remote which I have programmed to either another IR command or and ADB command. I'd appreciate some direction on how best to achieve this result. 


I read about ADV7850, but I think it would interrupt the HDMI video (which is fireTV). Is there a way to either make a bar that is translucent at the bottom of the screen, or do I need something else here to overlay my volume. I ask b/c my Marantz receiver is built much better, but I cannot incorporate it into my setup properly. I would very much appreciate any direction you may provide here. I need a starting point.


thanks! adam