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Question about PCB design for efficient heat control of ADATE318

Question asked by Se-woong on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by thomas.abiog



My customer is considering to use ADATE318 and for this, they should do the radiant heat design.

The say that they will use a heat sink at top sied of device and connected to EP (Exposed paddle).


And additionally, they are considering the design under bottom side of device.

They are considering to add a pad under bottom side of device and connect this pad to GND or VEE.


1) For more efficient heat control, what is your recommended design for preventing heat in below example?

      1. Use heat sink and add a pad which is connected to GND pins (GND pad).

      2. Use heat sink and add a pad which is connected to VEE pins (VEE pad).

      3. Use heat sink and don't add a pad under bottom side of device.


2) If you have better idea about preventing heat, would you advise how to design with ADATE318 to my customer?


3) And if you have a PCB design(layout) guide for ADATE318, would you share this guide to my customer?


Please advise me.