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ADUCM360 - UART problem

Question asked by Absel on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Absel

Hello, I'm having problems when trying to see the data of ADuCM360 in my PC. I attach the project I'm working on if you want to see it.


The thing is that when I do not use the function SendResultToUART() I see a good performance in the scope. As you can see here:


The performance should be this way, a set of pulses separataed about 1.03 ms.

Now I attach the same view of the scope but enabling SendResultToUART() (254 samples to be sent).

As you can see, every 127 samples this weird delay appears (about 4 ms) causing my performance to be below the objective, as I'm not measuring 4 ms every 65 ms. I first thought that this may be because the UART inserted a delay in the code as I have it now, because the ADC is not converting until the data is already sent. The thing is that I do not understand why this appears every 127 samples, it would make sense if it appeared every 254 samples (as I'm sending data to the UART every 254 samples). Any ideas on how can I fix this?


Also, one last thing:


When I try to visualize this data in RealTerm or Hyperterminal, a significant noise is added to the signal, as you can see here:


Any idea why this happens? How could I implement the UART without having this issues?


Thank you in advance.