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ADF4158 operation via SPI

Question asked by kchandu3366 on Nov 21, 2017
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I am using ADF4158 PLL, and wants to generate triangular FMCW signal with a frequency of 1.5GHZ and 30msec  time duration. I configured certain register values for getting the above requirement. Unfortunately I don't have oscilloscope with GHz range so physically I can't my signal pattern. The following are the register values for SPI communication

  1. define Reg0 (uint32_t)0x80190D48
  2. define Reg1 (uint32_t)0x0FBE0001
  3. define Reg2 (uint32_t)0x03008DB2
  4. define Reg3 (uint32_t)0x00000443
  5. define Reg4 (uint32_t)0x00180084
  6. define Reg51 (uint32_t)0x20019E45 Register5
  7. define Reg52 (uint32_t)0x20819E45 Register5
  8. define Reg61 (uint32_t)0x00001FFE Register6
  9. define Reg62 (uint32_t)0x00801FFE Register6Please give me some relevant examples for my understanding.Thanks