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ADuM 3472 with primary 3.3V, secundary Vdd at 5V and Viso at 7V

Question asked by daku on Nov 11, 2011
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I have the single power supply on the UG-197 evaluation board equipped with the transformer KA4976-AL from Coilcraft. He has a turns ratio of 1CT: 5CT. The current consumption at 3.3V primary power supply, a switching frequency of 500 KHz and a data rate of 0 Mbps behaves as follows:


Viso load  -->   primary Icc


00 mA               21 mA

10 mA               54 mA

20 mA               84 mA

53 mA             202 mA


Why the efficiency is so bad?

What is wrong here?

How can I improve the efficiency?


For information, I am grateful to them.