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AD7797 understand the datasheet

Question asked by Fernando-0174 on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by JellenieR

About ad7797 communication that is well applied in load cell. I started to communicate and I'm walking with the same doubt that the datasheet does not clarify.
Well simple I configure on-chip registers with: pin ss down and write 0xE0h (read the id) then read status register, and store in a variable, and pin ss on high. It's 0x00h. I always follow this sequence with the ss pin, the on-chip registers 0x00 to say what I want to configure and register type mode register = 0x000A and again the on-chip registers 0xXX and I write in the spi CONFIGURATION REGISTER = 0x0710. I put in a very simple way to see if you understand and can you just tell me a hexadecimal sequence to configure the AD7797? I am with an EVAL-AD7797 development board and it does not help me anything other than equema. The linux code did not help me because the type of language I can not understand and is not explanatory. I want to know only the hexadecimal hexadecimal code of ad7797. I think there is an example for engineering to configure independent of the language and the microcontroller. I program in 'C' on the ccs copier with Microcontroller pic. Can you help me understand the datasheet in a simple way?