Python inside ADALM-Pluto (PlutoSDR)

Discussion created by IPrium on Nov 20, 2017
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Hello all


I want to share my experience how to use Python inside ADALM-Pluto.


Python installation:

(1) Download Python-2.7.3.tar.gz from rankeney user's message here

Add python (or any rpm) on Petalinux - Community Forums
(2) Copy Python-2.7.3.tar.gz to ADALM-Pluto to /tmp folder (SCP protocol)
(3) Open SSH connection to ADALM-Pluto and execute

gzip -d /tmp/Python-2.7.3.tar.gz

tar -xvf /tmp/Python-2.7.3.tar -C /usr


Now you can use Python inside ADALM-Pluto. I tried iio.py from ADI github and it works as expected,
I can perform AD9364 configuration, RF signal generation and RF signal capture with Python inside ADALM-Pluto and avoid any PC-to-Pluto data transfer (USB). I can generate signals with higher sampling rate because USB connection is not bottleneck anymore.


N.B. Python installation is not permanent, you will lose all your Python scripts and Python program itself after Pluto restart/reset/reboot.


ADI stuff, I think it's very useful to add python in your buildroot and make python permanent in ADALM-Pluto.


Danil Shendrik, IPrium LLC