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Questions about GUI & parameters of AD5560 EVM Software

Question asked by Se-woong on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by thomas.abiog



My customer is trying to confirm the performance of AD5560 using ADI EVM.

For this, they want to measure current values as changing voltage values.

As changing voltage values, they will add additional load to be measured pin.


For doing above test, they want to know how to manage voltage values using GUI software of AD5560 EVM.

Would you help them how to configure GUI software of AD5560 EVM?

 1. How to force Voltage values,

     1-1) Are they write the value to "FORCE VOLTAGE" in GUI software of AD5560 EVM only?

     1-2) Or do they need configure other parameters like "regoster values" in DACs?


2. Suggestion about measuring current values as changing voltage values

      2-1) For this, would you provide any document including how to configure GUI & parameters of AD5560 EVM Software? 

      2-2) Would you advise any knowhow to do a measuring current values as changing voltage values?


Please advise them.