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AD9208 converter resolution is flexible?

Question asked by SungHakKim on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by UmeshJ

I have one more questions...


1. "N is the converter resolution; AD9208 value = 7 to 16", as i know AD9208 is 14 bit resolution adc.

     if N is 12, then 14 bit resolution adc core, the two LSBs are truncated to a 12-bit output. is that correct? or 12 bit resolution is true? (ADC Core is flexible resolution?)


2. is that possible as below in AD9208?

     LMFS = 8 2 8 20 Mode

    JESD204B Serial Lane Rate = 2.56 Gsps (Fclk) * 4(RATIO = Fserdes / Fclk) = 10.24 Gsps (Fserdes)

    that infomation is a in TI AD32RF45.


Help me please.