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Using AD595 for K type thermocouple and 10 bit ADC of 8 bit microcontroller how to measure full range temperature  i.e. up to 1350 deg Celcius

Question asked by d67uttam on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by ARoxas

I want to do an experiment with K type thermocouple and AD595  and to display the temperature in a LCD display. I want to use 8 bit microcontrolller with 10 bit A to D converter,  

AD595 shows 10mV/deg C so max  (5000mV/10= 500 degC can be achieved/displayed, but K type thermocouple range is  max 1350 degC, 

now my question how to show this max temperature  by using AD595 and 10 bit microcontroller (5.5 volt is its max operation voltage)