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AD8232 Chest ECG

Question asked by smurf792 on Nov 19, 2017
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I am currently working on AD8232 heart rate measurement near to heart.I followed the same circuit(Figure 62)mentioned in the datasheet. But all i am getting is noise at the output. As mentioned in some of the posts i have cleaned the board and also checked the outputs at REFOUT and REFIN pins.


I soldered the chip at 230C for 30seconds. i tried using the normal function generator as well as the ECG signal simulator. In both the cases i am getting noise at the output.


I gave an input signal of 200mV just to check whether the output gets saturated but unfortunately i am getting a different signal.(Please find the attachment)


I tried to simulate the same circuit in LTspice IV. But i am not getting the expected gain.(Please find the attachment)


Kindly help