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adiclockeval.dll isssues

Question asked by kmatsuda on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by LouijieC



I'm trying to use the adiclockeval.dll library to program the AD9910 evaluation board. I have scope probes hooked up to the SCK and SDIO pins on the AD9910 and I've verified that programming the board through the evaluation software results in the correct SPI communication and the correct output from the board.


However, when I import the adiclockeval library into Python and try to program the board using the SPI functions, I see only half as many clock edges as I would expect (i.e., 4 clock edges when trying to transmit 1 byte). It also appears that the SDIO pin is putting out data that is not synced correctly with the clock.


Has anyone seen this before and can you offer any advice?