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util_dac_unpack  and  util_adc_pack cannot set into one channel mode

Question asked by muchi on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by CsomI

Hi :

Here are some problem that I'm confused when implement with AD9364.

Question  1.

Is there anything reference design and SDK need to modify or do if changing the part AD9361 to AD9364?

I already read the reference design before but I cannot change the IP util_dac_unpack and util_adc_pack into 1 channel. Therefore I redesign the interface below Maybe you can tell me , is there any error in my design show as  <Figure>.

Question 2.

I had tried to generate three kinds of pattern to test look up table  to test my interface connect to  AD9364 correct or not .The test pattern had written in a look up table. When the stream FIFO accept data,  address will be count up( shown as <Figure 2> ).

First pattern is single tone with 1MHz, performance of the waveform seems  very smooth and similar to original waveform <Figure 3>.

In Second pattern , which is QPSK modulated signal with random data which pass through a Low Pass Filter and Interpolated by 4 .

Compare to first pattern , the waveform not smooth longer also cannot recognized.


It's seem there are some problems with AD9364 configuration, is there any SDK configuration example  that can study. Also I hope that you can have some suggestions for me.