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ZC702+FMCOMMS3 without DMA

Question asked by chinni on Nov 19, 2017
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I am using zc702 and AD9361 for data transmission. I have made my own HLS IP for modulation. I removed the DMAs from the bare metal design and added FIFO in place of DMA. FIFO interfaces with AD9361.So my final blockdesign has this flow


TX IP -> FIFO -> bit slicer for generating I,Q -> AD9361


I have probed the signals using ILAs in Vivado. When I run the design in the hardware, I can see my data samples just before AD9361, but when I connect AD9361 Tx port to Spectrum Analyzer, I don't see the expected output spectrum. I can only a see a peak at the Fc which is set in the ad9361 driver(no-OS driver). So I guess, DAC in ad9361 is not getting the Transmitted samples which were directed to AD9361 from FIFO as said earlier. How do I write samples to DAC ? How do I initialize DAC?