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AD9389b: Quantization Range

Question asked by mra on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by DaveD


When we wrote our driver some years ago we used "AD9889B/AD9389B Programming Guide, Rev. PrA". There register 0xCD [2:1] is described as "Quantization Range (Full vs. limited, etc.). 00 = Default (depends on video format), 01 = Limited range, 10 = Full range, 11 = Reserved". Our product always transmit RGB full range on the HDMI output, regardless of format, so we have set the bits to 10 (full range). In the latest manual, "AD93889B/AD9389B, HDMI Transmitter, Programming Guide, Rev. A, October 2010" is the description of these bits omitted. Is that a mistake, or should the bits always be set to the default value 00?