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hmc7044 and hmc7043 clock tree question

Question asked by smile199174 on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by kpeker

I read a technical article about "Synchronizing Sample Clocks of  a  Data Converter Array", and have the same architecture。HMC7044 CLKOUT is the CLKIN of the hmc7043,HMC7044 SCLKOUT is the RFSYNC of the HMC7043;

the hmc7044 VCO frequency is 2.4GHZ, 

HMC7044 SCLKOUT divider is 4000,


HMC7044 SCLKOUT selects Pulse  generater moder;

 in this case, HMC7044 SCLKOUT can generate one pulse,but HMC7043 SCLKOUT can not generater pulse.I have some doubt.the lowest frequency of the hmc7044 SCLKOUT is 600KHz,that is the RFSYNC  of the HMC7043 frequency .in the datasheet, SYSREF timer not faster 4MHz,and wait 6 SYSREF timer periods to allow the output to phase appropriately;how can i do for pulse generater of HMC7043?