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Question asked by GeorgeZaf7 on Nov 16, 2017
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Hi all,


I am using the ADG1404 MUX in my designs and I have supplied the EN (Enable pin) with a voltage of up to 3V3. 


What I want to know is what is the maximum voltage that I can supply to the EN (Enable) pin? I have this question because it would be easier for me to just set it to +5V, which I use for Power Supply. The MUX mostly stays on.


Would that be possible? In the datasheet says that the Digital Pins (A1,A0 and EN) can take GND − 0.3 V to VDD + 0.3V. My assumption is that I can give +5V. Am I right?


Also, if this is possible (Enable pin to +5V), then what should the Digital Logic voltage be for the A1, A0 pins? Would they understand a 3V3 voltage as HIGH or not? 


Thanks in advance.