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Using the AD9517-3 tuned to 2.0GHz

Question asked by cl942 on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2011 by pkern

Hi All,


I would like to use the AD9517-3 with a 10MHz input clock, tune the VCO to 2.0GHz and drive the LVPECL outputs at 2.0GHz.


I realize that the datasheet limits the LVPECL to 1.6GHz when the output is created from the VCO.  However, is this something

that is still do-able?  (i.e. with reduced output amplitude or perhaps by hand-selecting parts)


Also, I could not find a clock generator chip that would allow LVPECL outputs to get up to 2.0GHz when running the those

outputs from an internal PLL/VCO.  Are there any devices in the works that anyone knows of that could have that capability?